Have you ever felt too many thoughts running around your head with no pause and the only way you can heave a sigh of relief is by writing it down?  The result of the never-ending thought waves is the opening of this blog. I do two things mostly – write or think of what I should be writing.

People often complain that I post too much. It’s too loud in my head not to! Generally females have many thoughts but I have around a dozen thoughts a minute, it really causes a traffic jam inside my head. Some thoughts move sluggishly like a bullock cart while some need immediate attention like an ambulance. It gushes with hundreds of sirens screaming so I have to get it off my head soon as possible. Then I need to attach it into sensible words, string them into phrases and form sentences. Thought after thought after thought piles up into paragraphs. Once it’s done, that’s when I feel relieved like a doctor who just operated successfully on the patient brought in the ambulance!

People have pets who they love like crazy. People have addictions to sports and games. But my solace is in words. Every emotion finds peace when it is formulated into words. Then my head quietens. I hope my thoughts and words makes sense to anyone who reads it and uplifts any heart that needs a bit of motivation to handle this miracle called life!