Fall in Love with Your Flawed Glory

15822788_1674236249542003_3574446016165771505_nYou know what, girls? You have been thinking wrong for so long. Not about world politics, pop culture or internet slang. But about yourself and your body. Your personality. You can’t live a fulfilling life when you don’t like who you are (unless you are a terrible person, which I hope you are not!). Too many women are so unhappy about the way they were created. You don’t like your complexion, your hair, your height, your weight and so on. What made you dislike yourself so much? Everyone says you are too tall and shouldn’t be wearing heels, or you are too short. Your skin is too dark and that means you don’t look appealing. Or your sense of fashion is outdated or appalling. Tell them to shut up. I mean it.

I am not going to say true beauty is inner beauty and you can be happy with that fact because I know that’s not going to work on any woman whose self-esteem and sense of worth has been ripped, stabbed and sometimes completely destructed by the society. When I say society, it doesn’t mean the media or some Hollywood beauty you are never going to meet. It means your own family, your best friends, your lover or even your spouse. What the external world says has much less impact than what your immediate circle talks about. It doesn’t have to be mean, straightforward humiliation but just silly banter and unintentional comments that hurt you. You think you are not good enough because you don’t feel equal to the standard someone else thinks is beautiful? That’s nonsense. You don’t have silky sheen, soft hair? Or great physique? Trust me, once you find happiness in who you are, the world turns the way you never imagined to be true. You truly feel beautiful in your own skin, being who you are.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to change. Accept who you are now but change if the change makes you happy! Not because everyone else disapproves of who you are currently but embrace transformation because you think that’s what you want – take care of yourself! You want to shed excess weight? Work on it. Want a makeover? Go for it. Just ensure you don’t sacrifice your comfort for others’ approval. End of the day, it doesn’t matter. You feel happy with make up on? Do it. Like to be natural and free? Be it. When you really work on creating positive thoughts and a stronger mind, you create lasting happiness, which in turns makes you a beautiful person. Don’t fall for the deluded beauty standards others hold on to. The world is changing pretty fast. The standard beauty expectations are, little by little being thrown out the window. All shapes and sizes, skin colours, hair types and thinking patterns have begun to take its rightful place, thanks to the voice of more open minded people. So work on yourself and be grateful for being the person you are!


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