A Happy Life

  • There are many changes we need to work within ourselves so as to cleanse our external life. What happens to us, how we respond to it and how we perceive it, can impact our lives profoundly. I have compiled a list of what we can do to enhance our lives
    by embracing a cognitive transition:
    1. Stop complaining – Be it a breakfast meal that you find tasteless, rain that spoils your outing plan, the traffic congestion driving you late for an important interview doesn’t matter what it is, stop complaining. Many of us complain as a habit, we don’t even realize we have fallen into its negative patterns. Sometimes the cause of our complaint is not even an issue but we simply enjoy complaining anyway, just so that we have got something to talk about. Stop it.
    When we complain, our focus is on the bitterness of the situation. We spend too much of our energy on that. Maybe, just maybe, you were redirected to something better. Perhaps the food prevented you from getting an indigestion, the rain made you stay indoors and get some serious work completed and the traffic saved you from a job you would have regretted for the rest of your life. You never know. At least you stop yourself being consumed by negative energy when you quit complaining and think, “Yes, this is exactly what was meant to happen and it is for the good.” Now, that’s going to put a smile on your face, and a boost of energy that will propel you
    forwards and onward.
    2. Mornings Doesn’t matter what time your morning is depending on your sleeping pattern, but the time you wake up is the start of your day. You need to train your mind to give out thanks to God for giving you another day. Take a few seconds before getting off bed to focus on each and every blessing you have got. Every little thing your home, your family, your friends, your work, your health. These are important to you. You don’t want to lose them. So then, you need to be joyful for its presence every day. Everyday. You start your day with a thanks and thinking of the blessings or you begin it with a groan and “Oh no, another day!” attitude. Just observe the vast differences it makes and you will know which one to follow.
    3. People over money You work so hard, sacrificing your time and entertainment but your life is full of having to pay one bill after the other. So you have to run after money. You are a medium through which money comes in and goes off from. It doesn’t stay with you. You know that. Yet you get annoyed when your dear ones asks you for some cash, when you have to give it in charity or have to put off work deals or overtime office hours to give time for family, friends and loved ones. Why is that? Those currencies won’t smile in your joy or share your sorrows. People will. They will be with you. They have been in the past and you need them. They need you too.
    Perhaps you earned that extra few bucks for some random kid on the street starving and praying to God for an Angel to send him a meal. Maybe you are the answer to his prayer. Maybe your family or friends wanted someone to share their pain or joy with. Your support, your love, and your words could heal and give them the inspiration they needed. Why would you give up the chance to make a change in a person’s life? Money is not going to remember you, nor will the material things you acquire. People will. Their hearts will. And you could be getting the prayers that you very much needed. Give more of yourself to people and you will be get back much more
    in return.
    4. You win when you lose This is a well-known secret. The world knows this but we don’t accept it.  Our losses and failures break us, tear our hearts out, plummeting our self-esteem and confidence because we delude ourselves that all is lost. No, you lose so that you could be a winner. Loses are signs, splattered across our path to lead us to our destination. We want something but we fail at it. It’s OK. So you try again. And then you might win in a more meaningful manner or a larger scale.
    Or you realize that because you lost in one thing, you were driven towards another goal, which you are more successful, passionate and happy about. This is definite. Success will come. But it requires quite a lot of bravery. You need courage to accept the truth: You are never a loser. God, the Superpower doesn’t punish by not giving you what you want. God loves you. This needs faith. Patience. To hold onto patience, you need courage. And courage will provide you with all the
    confidence you need to win.
    There will be a day when you realize your losses were the cause of your success, be it a career, personal life, achieving dreams or becoming a better person. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can embrace happiness because your wait is going to make you happy. This way your days are not bleak and empty, waiting for the grand finale but you make each moment of the journey happy and meaningful.
    5. Take risks Be prepared to do things you have never done before. If motivation comes  unexpectedly, take it and work on it. Nobody randomly says something that ignites you with an idea. If it does, then it was meant to give you a wake-up call. Pick it up. Don’t let it become a missed call. Don’t ever say “No” because it’s something new and you have never done it before. If you don’t have a first time, that nerve-trembling event or experience, there is never going to any excitement in your life.
    Change yourself. Every time you could. Learn that nothing stays the same. Moments change. People change. Situations change. Go for a change but remember, only if you are happy with it. Get a new haircut, constantly renew your style and thinking, learn something new, get an exciting hobby, meet more people, and just see how well you evolve. Do it for yourself not for anybody else. Change because you want to add more colour to your life, to refresh your being and to smile some more. Change for another is not ever lasting nor is it needed because your value is not determined by meeting others’ expectations of you. Fulfill your own expectations of yourself. Nobody else is ever going to do that for you and nor should you ever let them to.
    6. Jealousy How could you envy another person’s blessings when you are too busy counting your own? Remember, every minute you spend your time contemplating on what others are blessed with, you lose a minute that could have been more productive. If you believe you deserved all the happiness and gifts received in life, then what makes you forget that the other person deserved the goodness of life too? The bounty of life is vast, when somebody gains something, it doesn’t mean you lose anything. What is for you, will not miss its mark. You will receive it in all its glory
    and splendor. Don’t spoil another’s joy because at the moment you feel they have got more than you. You could be standing in their shoes next time and it’s certain that you don’t want to jeopardize your blessings. Remember, what goes around, comes around. Just cut off any streak of jealousy that clouds your heart and eyes to your own blessings.
    When you feel happiness for another’s blessings, your heart glows and attracts more goodness towards you. You attract your own good destiny by feeling another’s happiness because good attracts good. That is the nature of the universe. Think of jealousy as a grotesque black boulder on a beautiful white pathway through which happiness and blessings travel your way. When you erect that boulder of “jealousy”, it obstructs the good tidings coming your way. Break it off and get rid of any jealousy you may be holding.
    7. Don’t let others go down the gutter – You have your own stuff to work on and since you are on a quest to change your own life, your head is quite busy. But then you see a person, maybe someone close or a stranger but you see them going through a tough situation. They are miserable, demotivated and there is a major outflow of negative energy from them. You are quite familiar with what they are experiencing although you may not even have any idea of what the problem is. Circumstance may vary vastly, but emotions people feel are more or less the same. You don’t have time to worry about a third party but remember, at your worst period of life, you could have
    narrowly escaped self-destruction due to the helping heart of another person. If they could take out their time to help you, why can’t you be that to another person? You might not be their solution but at least you could give them a little bit of a push in the right direction. Perhaps the way you found yourself out of the mess in your life, that other person could have a complete turnaround too. Wouldn’t the world be a better place with happier and motivated people? If you could play a part in this, why would you not do so? Empathy is more important than sympathy.
    8. Energy release What you release onto the world through your thinking is powerful. When you think good thoughts, you release positive energy into the world and attract positivity. When you think bad, hurtful, and harmful stuff, you release negative energy into the world and attract the same into your own life. People might not know your thoughts but humans can naturally read the vibes you give off. When you constantly think, “I am not good enough and people don’t like me,”
    that’s exactly what your energy is conveying outside and people will avoid you, without even meaning to. What goes on in your inner world has influence over your outer world experience. If your mind is creating chaos by thinking negatively, don’t expect roses in life.
    Cut out the negativity. No matter how hard a situation seems, our thinking can blow it out of proportion. Every incident has two sides. Training your mind to only see the good in each event and hardship is important and everything important takes a while to learn. Make a commitment to never allow a negative thought to enter your mind and you will be surprised what a short span of time it takes. Your mind will be so well trained that negative thinking becomes an unwelcome intruder and your mind will automatically not be able to entertain negative thinking for more than a couple of hours. Your life will dramatically improve for the better and you will be a content and
    complete person.

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